Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wrestler hurt in family feud, by Marlon Walker - Fairfax - 10th September 2008

Raleigh, North Carolina.- A fight between former professional wrestler Ric Flair and his daughter's 22-year-old boyfriend left the 59-year-old Flair bloodied and bruised, police said today.

Neither man was charged by police in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but Flair's daughter, Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr, was charged for resisting police after she became belligerent and kicked an officer.

Neighbours called police on Friday about a fight at an apartment. Officers followed a trail of blood to the wrestler's apartment.

Officers found Flair, whose real name is Richard Fliehr, on a bed in the back room. The boyfriend was in another part of the apartment.

Flair admitted fighting with the boyfriend but said he did not want to press charges, Gunter said.

Flair, known for his platinum blond hair, fur-lined robes and signature ``Wooooo!'' catchphrase, retired earlier this year after a
36-year career. He had wrestled for a number of big-name organisations, including World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment.

He is a 16-time world heavyweight champion and a member of WWE's Hall of Fame.

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