Monday, September 15, 2008

World Championship Wrestling on DVD

"Ruff Tuff & Real" Available Now!

The documentary plus classic matches 3 DVD set.

The history and memories of World Championship Wrestling in Australia.

Ron Miller, Australian Heavyweight Wrestling Champion from 1975 to 1984, takes us on a journey back to when all these lords of the ring thundered rage and reigned from the top rope Downunder and across the world. Ron travels Australia and the USA to find which friends and foes are still fighting fit from the glory days of wrestling…

Ruff, Tuff and Real” not only relives the “Saturday” television and weekday

stadium bouts, but discovers “where are they now.” We speak with Aussies

Ron Miller, Mario Milano, Steve Rackman, George Barnes, Ex-pat Jack

Claybourne, Announcer Mike Cleary (also Doco Narrator) and Larry O’Dea’s

family. Traveling then to Hawaii, Ron finds King Curtis… then it’s on to Las

Vegas and the Annual Cauliflower Alley Fighters’ Convention, where Ron

Miller tracks down Yankee greats Harley Race, Nick Bockwinkel, Ox Baker,
Red Bastien and wrestling managers, JJ Dillon and ‘Playboy’ Garry Hart.

Exclusive classic TV video and Stadium film footage of the wrestlers interviewed and many greats who have passed on. There are one on one’s for the world titles, tag teams, fighters’ managers who insisted on getting in on the act.

It was reality television decades before the term was coined and it gave the many fans a real kick watching their favourites battle with nothing but their strength and showmanship.

Ron Miller is now in his 60’s, but his memory and love of the great wrestling days is sharp and clear. He can remember the good and frequent press, the camaraderie, the extensive Australian and successful USA Tours and the many injuries.

Made by Australian owned and based Instinct Television, “Ruff Tuff and Real” is a one hour commercial documentary that speaks to a fan audience who want to remember… and a new audience who want to know where the current USA wrestling phenomenon came from. More than just footage of big blokes kicking the hell out of each other, this is a critical, cultural moment in Australia’s lifetime… but mostly, it’s just bloody good entertainment.

(Credit: Ron Miller)


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