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Hulkamania Let The Battle Begin Star City Casino press conference gets out of control; Ric Flair attacks Hulk Hogan

Hulkamania Let The Battle Begin Star City Casino press conference gets out of control; Ric Flair attacks Hulk Hogan, by Greg Tingle - 18th November 2009

The press conference started friendly enough as most professional wrestling press conferences do.

Fans nor news media did not expect for things to get out of hand at Star City Casino, when Flair and Hogan got into a verbal fight that ended in physical violence and a bloodbath reminiscent of Mario Milano, Ron Miller, Mark Lewin, Abdullah The Butcher and The People's Army.

Numerous news media including Media Man captured the brawl with stills and video, and most Australian network news broadcasts will be running with the story tonight.

Even a professional photographer's camera flash was broken in the mayhem.

Hogan's head was a bloody crimson mess after Flair's punch and whipping with with his belt. Hogan landed hard on the floor and fellow wrestlers helped him to his feet after approximately 10 minutes of recovering. Many of the wrestlers present looked very concerned and helped Hogan get backstage for medical assistance.

Mr Flair and Mr Hogan have been engaged in a long running and heated feud, however this public exchange is understood to be the most violent to date.

Some wrestling insiders were overheard to have said; "Red turns to green" (blood turns to money), however numerous fans and media also noted that the attack was overdone and had "gone to far" and that "Flair shooted" on Hogan.

Hulk Hogan is still extremely excited to be touring and wrestling in Australia for the first time.

He advised the audience that other promoters in the past had billed him to tour Australia without his knowledge only to tell the fans that he could not make it.

Hogan is best known for his legdrop and "Hulkamanic's" while Flair's trademark's include Flair judo chops, figure four leglock, Flair flip and "Wooooo" taunt, something that Hogan is never likely to forget.

Hulkamania Let The Battle Begin officially starts at Sydney’s Acer Arena on the 28th of November.

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