Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hulk Hogan interview - 91.3 SportFM - Perth, Australia

Media Man advises this is one of the most interesting radio interviews, or interviews of any nature, that Hulk Hogan has ever done. Part work, part shoot, and what to expect in Australia and what's on the cards once he returns to the U.S where he has signed a business deal with TNA.

Part of the interview quoting Hulk Hogan:

"In TNA, I'm going to listen to those fans and give them what they want. I'm not going to keep shoving a bunch of terrible, horrible, stale programming down their throats," Hogan said, referring to WWE's writing. "(In TNA), I'm going to take the writers and tell them, 'go get another job. Sit in the back. If I need you to write a jingle for a commercial, maybe we'll use you for that."

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