Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wrestling News Media - 20th December 2009

Bret Hart returns to WWE

Bruno Sammartino hasn't committed to WWE Hall Of Fame

Chris Jericho appears in Bloodstained Memories wrestling film and ramps up Fozzy appearances

Roddy Piper remains vocal about better conditions for pro wrestlers re health etc

Edge and Eve look forward to WWE tour in 2010, having recently campaigned down under ranked in Yahoo! and Google top ten in numerous markets and categories

WWE sticking to Wellness policy

WWE new champion Sheamus performing solidly

Jim Ross renews contract with WWE; may appear at WrestleMania

WWE - newspaper teases VS Hulk Hogan for WrestleMania

WWE - Dennis Miller as Raw host draws mixed reactions from fans and insiders

WWE's Seventh Annual "Tribute to the Troops" aired on NBC 19th December 2009

WWE Studios - Ted DiBiase stars in The Marine 2; available in U.S stores 29th December 2009

The Rock to do numerous WWE appearances

Jeff Hardy remains missed by fans

Kurt Angle on TNA Final Resolution PPV

Mick Foley writing balanced blogs covering Hulk Hogan's TNA entry and role

Hulkamania Let The Battle Begin still not aired on One HD in Australia

Ric Flair likely to sign with TNA; financial terms getting close

Mario Milano wrestled in Australia recently at 73 years of age

Shane McMahon poised to ramp up profile, following UFC meeting with Dana White

Steve Austin to continue film roles

Wrestling Legends: Bobby "The Brain" Heenan recovering well

Wrestling Legends: Paul "Mr Wonderful" Orndorff and many others high on real Hall Of Fame

Wrestling Legends: Wrestlers Rescue campaign garners interest and supporters

Jake "The Snake" Roberts still interested in being in WWE Hall Of Fame

Brooke Hogan open to opportunities

New World Order may reform in TNA

TNA will go head to head with WWE

UFC, TNA and Spike TV "teaming up" to take on WWE Raw

UFC Sydney, Australia tour sells out of tickets 2 months prior to show at Acer Arena





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