Friday, May 09, 2008

Kyle Sandilands gets thrown by wrestler David Wallis - The Daily Telegraph - 8th May 2008

IS David Wallis the most enviable guy in Australia?

The pro wrestler did what so many can only dream of - flooring Kyle Sandilands. Literally.

Wallis, who mixes his grappling with singing, bumped into the omnipresent TV and radio star at the Perth Australian Idol auditions on Tuesday night.

And Idol judge, Big Brother presenter and 2Day FM radio motormouth Sandilands - who is either barmier or braver than we thought - challenged him to a clinch.

Sources say Sumo Sandilands put up a good fight, but was unceremoniously roughed up and pinned to the ground by Wallis, leaving his fellow judges Marcia Hines and Ian "Dicko" Dickson and the crew in hysterics.

Unfortunately, Sandilands' personal bodyguard was downstairs at the time packing bags for the red-eye flight back to Sydney.

The impromptu wrestling match didn't stop Wallis making a good fist of the talent quest. The power ballad-singing sales assistant, 23, who loves listening to John Farnham and Metallica, made it through to the top 100.

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