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Still remembered. The legends of wrestlings history making years - 22nd Feb 2008

GOLD COAST, Australia - Still remembered. The legends of wrestlings history making years.

World Championship Wrestling (Australia) was broadcast every Saturday and Sunday lunchtime by the 9 Network through the 60's and 70's, with record ratings, over 300 live promotions per year and set attendance records that may never be broken.

Success was guaranteed by the action filled TV show, the continuing parade of unusual characters, superb athletes, the personalities, the best wrestlers representing almost every country in the world including Australia whose epic battles filled the stadiums throughout the land.

Stars such as Harley Race, King Curtis, Killer Kowalski, Mario Milano, Spiros Arion, Brute Bernard, Bulldog Brower, Ox Baker, Playboy Gary Hart, Killer Karl Kox, Roy Heffernan, Andre the Giant, Dory Funk, John Da Silva, Skull Murphy, The Australians Larry O'Day, Ron Miller, George Barnes, Steve Rackman, John Grey and many more. The hero's the villains who became household names, and are fondly embedded in the memories of most Australians.

The announcers and Referees famous in their own right, Mike Cleary, Ted Whitton, Jack Little, Sam Menacker, Wallaby Bob M'Masters, Ron Hanson, Mike Hunt etc.

World Championship Wrestling Australia was important enough for the National Screen and Sound Archive and the National Library to gratefully accept my donations of wrestling footage and memorabilia material. Scholars such as Dr. Barry York have researched and written about it as part of our history. The National Centre for History Education has published two features on the subject.

These memories of wrestling's glory days are revived in Ron Millers RUFF TUFF & REAL documentary and classic matches collection DVD set.

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